If you are the parent of a teen who is struggling with self harm, many times your approach and how you interact with them can be the biggest determining factor in whether things get better or worse.  “A Parent’s Guide to Teens that Self Injure” helps parent’s how to best understand what is going on with teens who self harm and how to best help them.

EBOOK:  A Parent’s Guide To Teens that Self Injure


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Part One: What is Self Injury?
The Clinical Definition of Self-Injury
The Practical Definition of Self-Injury Cutters and the Inability to Cry
Self-Injury – Not Always a Suicide Attempt Who is at Risk for Self-Injury?
A Quick Review: What is Self-Injury?

Part Two: Types of Cutters
How to Recognize a Cutter Two Primary Types of Cutters
* The Non-Attention Seeking Cutter
* The Attention Seeking Cutter Common Characteristics of Teens Who Self-Injure
A Quick Review: The Two Types of Cutters

Part Three: Why Do Teens Self-Injure?
What Teens Say about “Why” They Cut

Part Four: How to Help
Dos and Don’ts – What to Say, What Not to Say Tips for Talking to Your Teen Who Self-Injures
How You Can Help Your Teen Who is Cutting
What to Expect from the Initial Counseling Sessions Getting Professional Help
Making the Decision to Medicate A Quick Review: How to Help
Get help now for you and your teen.




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